:Boom: + {Bambi @ Stray Pig} + Burnt Rice*

After all that running around in Japanese SIMS and snapping pictures, it was time for ‘ol Xanthers to put her feet up while I “kwaff” some wine in rl. And contemplate the future…what a draaaaag! So much to do!  Anyway, time now to RELAXXXXX (even for a bit anyway).  The Cute Animated Rug is my favorite form of milling around (it has about 4 color options & several animated poses..a snip at $75 @ Burnt Rice.  Jojorunnoo really is a remarkable creater who designs simple but  fabby stuffs! (Sips a little wine* wishing she was just as clever…lolz). And…the cute Stray Bambi is from Stray Pig (I was there earlier in the day but wasn’t so lucky until L* sent me a TP…ty L!  Stray Bambi is one you hold, but I preferred to rezz him…  :).   The lovely Sweater Dress is by BOOM*.  The Striking Stoned Face Piercings @ >>Meka<< (January Gift) Hair is @ {{Trico}}Erika Skin Belleza (Group Gift). Gold Bra part of set @ Zaara.  Boots are GOSSocks @ BOOM (see below).  Shape is @ CS Shapes (Tashy is unreleased).

Gosh I almost had a mini sleep in rl…That is how exciting adding links to a blog is….:)


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