Ice cool baby! @ :The Seasons Hunt:

 I love the effect of this  Kyoot Eye Make-up from The Seasons Hunt on this Lara Hurley Sophie skin.  There are 4 different styles and shades in the pack, and perfect to give your skin that icey cool oriental look.  You will also get a lovely Glitter Top at Kyoot in the gift pack! 

I have loved this hunt…. the designers have been extremely generous & many of the gifts have had that extra little something which hopefully will make us spend a little more!  Yes I know, times are hard. For everyone.  One only has to see the number of businesses collapsing to get a real feel of the dangerous undercurrents that SL entrepreneurs have to face.  The monstrosity that is the SL tier has made it very difficult for many to survive, and the pressures to work your socks off for little or no personal gain whatsoever is enormous (other than those acquired by LL of course).  This makes it all the more an uneven playing field.  I dunno.  No simple solutions exist sadly, other than encouraging spending.  Thanks again to all the designers for the fabulous gifts!  More piccies below with the links to the Hunt items. Miss Puddleduck rules ok!


Pic 1 

Pic 2 & 3

Pic 4



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