Cool :Jaunty: Dude

WellI am not surprised your boyfriend thinks he’s hot!  Check out the cool Hoodie & Jeans set which are on special offer @ 22769 (Jaunty $49 sale for dudes).   I especially love the jeans which have been “muddied” up a little (really sexy effect).  There is a super amount of detail in this outfit which makes it a fab bargain for the price!  The Jaunty 49lsalefordudes event is worth checking out if you looking to help kit out your blokie friends with a cool item or two. Please note that some of the items are not out yet but join the Jaunty Group for updates.  Shag has a floppy hair for Guys for $49 also.  See pic below.  The look below is a little more “bad boy” if you prefer that look better.  There are some very cute and unusual items in this event, so do check it out!


  • Hoodie & Jeans Set @ 22769 ($49 Jaunty Sale)
  • Dark Hair in Bottom Pic @ Shag ($49 Jaunty Sale)
  • Blonde hair @ Lotus
  • Glasses @ Crie (Gift)
  • Necklace @ n-creation (previous MHO)
  • Boots @ +KiiToS!!+
  • Emmett Skin in Top Pic @ Laqroki
  • Owen Skin in Bottom Pic @ Belleza (Group Gift $250 Join but you get all previous Group Gifts at the store)
  • Lucas Shape @ CS Shapes
  • Moroccan Dream Eyes @Poetic Colors (Gift)
  • Poses @ Everglow

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