[*Art Dummy] et al on :The Seasons Hunt:

Hmmm..this post was just a little fun for me…please forgive my silly experimentations.  But there are a few goodies which you might like and can find on The Seasons Hunt.    If you participated in the last Seasons Hunt, you might recall the clever high rise “Bobbing Apple Chair” by [*Art Dummy!] (one of those unique items that was so popular, it can often be seen decorating several quality shops).

This time, [*Art Dummy!] has a wonderful “between autumn and spring (garden chaise)” (chair includes 3 cute poses) and looks great on a porch or indoors.  See below & check the list for more goodies from the Hunt:


  • Chaise @ [*Art Dummy!] (The Seasons Hunt Gift)
  • Hair @ Shag (The Seasons Hunt Gift)
  • Fair FairIsle Dress @ Royal Blue (The Seasons Hunt Gift)
  • Achoo Ugg Bootsduboo (The Seasons Hunt Gift)
  • Wildangel Shape @ CS Shapes
  • Lucy Angel Skin @ Lara Hurley Skins (previous Group Gift)
  • Standing poses @ flowey (The Seasons Hunt Gift)
  • [aurora borealis] Eyes & Lashes @ SUR+ (The Seasons Hunt Gift)



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