Christine Who?

Keeler of course.  Her of the provocative chair pose.  I don’t think ‘ol Xanthers quite pulls it off…not least cos she is fully dressed & also has never been a femme fatale unlike the very practised Ms Keeler)…Anyway, this post is about the Dilly Dolls  Sonata Scrunched  Boots…a very cute & fun set…(for those who can’t cope with anything but black boots please look away now..lolz…..tadaa…..

Funky, aren’t they?  They come in Brown too if you like the style but prefer a more muted tone. Noodle Pose Chair is $1 at Burnt Rice and it has 3 other built in poses. Ali Hair is a Gift @ ExileBlack Tank @ GarageSwirly Leggings  part of an outfit @ Amanda’s Fashions.  Backdrop Shabby Chic Textures @ [K.O.] Framelight Textures. Turquoise Leggings in bottom pic are part of a set from LP Designs.


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