Wildangel Shape* + :Whippet & Buck: Lingerie*(Sale)

Super curvy Amazonian-style Shape @ CS Shapes in Whippet & Buck Agnes Lingerie in lavender (Sale item!).  Shape is tall with lots of definition in the curves etc. Overall this a very striking shape, particularly if you like to look a bit different & perhaps more confident.   STYLING Details included if you like this particular look but the shape suits lots of skins including League & Illusory skins especially.  I love the new Illusory skin! 

I popped into  Whippet & Buck today for their 50% Sale.  Love this shop! I had my eye on this particular lingerie set for some time & got it for a snip at $75!  There was lots more detail in this lingerie than I expected, like the cute sparkly detailing which I liked.  Takara Bracelets are Mandala.  Poses Everglow.  Eyes @ Umedama Holic. 


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