Shades of Green, Special Offers & stuff…

Sometimes it is nice to wear shades of Green, the Celts (especially) love their Greens.  And this lovely shade of Green in the  Knitted Dress @ Garage is fab.  The Knitted Dress comes in several colors (including black) but I liked this color the best. And the pretty Olivia Skin is on the $69 Special Offer thingie from TheShe (a MUCH better version than the one which I blogged recently which was more of a prototype skin I think (!)). This version of Olivia Skin has a realistic cleavage and overall the shading is much more detailed than the free skin!  Skin is $69 (please see links below). Green Boots @ Clematis (Group Gift). The Poses from Still Life which are so cute so I have included the extra piccie to illustrate how good they are! 

Incidentally there are some nice gifts in this look…I will make a list below.  In the meantime I just wanted to say one of the great things about exploring is when you come across little known names like the cute Hair above fromYuzukamiya .  The Japanese are perfectionists and even little known brands do things rather well..which might explain why I have a  fondness for foraging in Japanese SIMS. I spend more time around friendly little kawaii’s than fashionable SL alumni.  Just say “konnichiwa  everyone” lol and you are likely to engage in a little convo, albeit confusing at times with Google translate :)) ie “you are sweet” translates “you are hot sweet stuff” which can be a little disarming when the recipient is a cute little Japanese girl…LOLZ!



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