Deliciously, creamy :GA: Skin

I snapped this pic whilst having breakie while contemplating my shopping list in rl.  Ice-cream, maple syrup & pancakes kept popping into my head.  It must be this delicious, creamy Jaris Skin at Glam Affair.  Wildly blogged I know but this is my take on it.  The Jaris Skin is free in Notices (Group Join $30) but Aida is super generous so you will always get gorgeous gifts the value of which far exceeds the tinsy winsy join fee.  Girlie Shape is Bronwyn @ CS Shapes.  The Houndtooth Cap is a Lucky Board win Halcani– here is link: (check out the sale at KDC a few gifts scattered around). Pure Eyes @ Umedama Holic. Pose Everglow.   I will post full outfit in due course…in the meantime rl shopping beckons!…Hmmm..I suddenly remembered the new diet..arrgg…will try to resist ice-cream but promices lol ;).


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