Crazy* & Umedama Holic

This extraordinary Vilda Skin needs no introduction. Thank you to Laqroki, and all the other super clever skin designers, our avatars can look this awesome.  Yeah.  If you need to be reminded how much skins have evolved, try & carry out a “Character Test” in your Debug Settings (it is highly recommended that you have your therapist on speed-dial in the event of a fit…giggles*)..You revert back to something akin to an orange t*rdette*(many apologies for using this foul term…I am usually super clean & have promptly washed my mouth out with soap.. lol).  Anyways, there have been some amazing gifts this season & many thanks to all the creators for their generosity. Be great if we support them all by buying more stuff in 2011 (!!!) Yay!  :))

The Eyes are the X-mas Gift at Umedama Holic (he really does capture light, color and sparkle magnificently!).  The “OMG it’s X-MasLingerie is a Dollarbie from Crazy* (one of my favorite clothes designers).  Xanthe has been wearing the Antlers for the last 3 days..they were a Limited LB Prize from Vitamen..It almost feels strange seeing her without them now (yes, there were tears as they were prized off :p ).   Laurie Shape @ CS Shapes.  Cute Blonde Hair was X-mas Gift @ WILDO (Limited offer).  Cross Earrings Gift @ EMO-tions Lashes @ Lelutka. Poses @ Everglow.

Tweedle-dee-dum….. Happy New Year everyone! ((Xanthe)) xoxox


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