:Maitreya: Magic* (New X-Mas Hair)

Another classic, iconic Maitreya Hair Style, X-mas Giftie. Isn’t it fab?  I imagine you will all wear & wear..hair comes in the customary colors with color change hairband..yummmmmmmy. ;p.  Boots are from GOS and were a gift from my friend Lilac.  She is soo sweet and adorable…:)


X-Mas Hair @ Maitreya (New in Subscribo)

Tweed Jacket @ Spirit Store (New) Long & Short Version including a separate color available

Tess2 Skin @ Laqroki

Joanna Shapes @ CS Shapes (LB Prize)

Dark Denims @ Deetalez (veerrrry old giftie but still a fav)

Camel Boots @ GOS ( Thank you sweet Lilac!)

Poses @ Everglow

Tank in Moss @ WOE (Previous Advent Calender Gift)



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