These are bare, unedited snapshots..I now have CS5 and hmmm..I think I need a degree to negotiate my way round the rather clever interface. All I could achieve at this stage was rudimentary I am used to good old GIMP & although I love its simplicity & ease of use etc, I decided to get PS as I wanted to be creative.  I guess being dog-headed will help me learn it all..although I imagine a few bald patches emerging in the process. Scratch* Heh.  However, there are built in tuts so that is where I shall hit the road running… :).

Anyway….this look reminded me  so much of blueberries.  Must be the X-mas Skin which is from Chaisuki (please see earlier post). The eyes & lips are pretty amazing…do go to Chaisuki..she has been incredibly generous. You will find lots of other goodies by the x-mas tree. 



  • Christmas Skin @ Chaisuki (Giftie)
  • Hatted Hair @ {trico} (Group Gift)
  • Laurie Shape @ CS Shapes
  • Blue Sweater @ Ducknipple
  • Leather Pants @ Indi Designs (part of the With Love Hunt item)
  • Leather Boots @ COCO (Group Gift)
  • Poses @ agapee (Group Gift)
  • Eyes @ Umedama Holic

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