BC32 Skull & Bones Hair (Group Gift) + LB Gifts

Oh goodness..I have barely blogged recently!…Too busy chattering in world.  Anyway, in amongst talking shoes (especially)…(I even found a pair called “Brothel Creepers” …but they are not at all creepy…) and of course that elusive  “SL love” (not me I hasten to add 🙂 ), I stumbled upon this fab Group Gift @ BC32 Skull & Bones (see link below).  Really cute seasonal looking hair which comes in lots of colors, including black.  The Red Knit Sweater is also a Lucky Board win  @ BC32 Skull & Bones….I stripped the sweater of the collar to keep the look simple.  Comes with X-Massy green patterned leggings which I replaced with Jeans from Miseria. Anyway, you can see the look in full below. 

The Shape is JOANNAH* which is a LUCKY BOARD gift @ CS Shapes.  Very pretty shape if you fancy a LB flutter*



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