~:Chaisuki:~ X-Mas Skin (Giftie)

This extraordinary beautiful, pale, tear-drop style skin is a Gift from Chaisuki…you will also find other goodies such as lippies, lashes & snow tattoos (see below). Find them by the Christmas Tree near the entrance. Check all the packages..I think there are about 8 gifts in total! 

I recall I got a whole batch of goth like gift skins @ Chaisuki last Christmas and it was lucky I found these today!(thanks to a friend who reminded me. :p).  

Chai is a talented creator who quietly produces the most remarkable high-definition skins.  All subtly done too!  I kinda lost my mojo lately so it was a really nice find and cheered me up no end.  Sadly, this is pretty morose  time of the year  for ‘ol rl Xanthers what with having this mad, fractured family (heh who doesn’t lol) but I re-modelled my little shop this week to keep busy.   Anyway, sorry to digress.  See credits below the next piccie.  Oh btw, the hair in the top pic is the current Group Gift @ D!VA.  Love the blonde version included in the pack!   


  • Chaisuki Xmas Skin, Lashes and Snow Tattoos @ Chaisuki (Gifties – look near X-Mas Tree near entrance)
  • Laurie Shape @ CS Shapes
  • Senri Hair in Onyx @ D!VA (X-Mas Giftie)
  • Jean Hair (bottom Pic) @ *eha* (old gift)
  • Lilac Eyes @ Umedama Holic
  • Backdrop Shabby Chic Texture @ [K.O] Framelight Textures

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