I love my Malibu..oops I mean Caribou!

Yes indeedy, this lovely Caribou by Baffle! is now an inseparable “BF’s” seeing as he heroically rescued Xanthers from a snowdrift earlier after she had one too many “Malibu & lemons” (see below grins*).  Caribou is gorgeous and you can own him too from the Snowflake Experience (part of the proceeds go to Toys for Tots etc).  You will find dedicated vendors with creations  designed for the event. See panel below: 

  I had a quick forage earlier and picked up a few gifts (including Caribou above..look for Candy Canes scattered around the SIM).  The Knitted Mara Jumper above is a giftie at the event from Ibizarre which I really love!   There are some really greats items for sale and the SIM is wonderful & wintry! Check the tiny little huts & igloos scattered about. 



  •  Mara Jumper_Lagoon by IBIZARRE [Gift @ Snowflake Experience . Hunt Object is Candy Canes]
  • Caribou by Baffle!  [ GiftSnowflake Experience Hint: Look INSIDE shop in Gift box on floor! Sorry my earlier tip incorrect Here is taxi). Copiable so you can scatter him around your SIM 🙂
  • Laurie Shape @ CS Shapes (New!)
  • Carlotta Oxfords Shoes @ Dilly Dolls (New! ) HUD driven so you have a selection for colors to choose from)
  • Erika Skin @ Belleza (Current Group Gift $250 join fee)
  • Aevena Lipsticks @ [Fhang Candy]
  • Jeans @ Deetalez (old hunt gift)
  • Bottom Pose by Still Life Snowflake Experience *only $13 each!)
  • Top pose @ agapee
  • Reese Hair @ Truth (yup..an old favorite)
  • Glow Tree in background @ [K.O.] Framelight Textures (only $35!)

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