Dark Chocolate Yum*

This post started out as a feature for WOE but sadly the only pics that turned out reasonably ok were the face shots above.  WOE does such amazing detailed designs & I couldn’t bear the notion of discrediting the feature with horrid “jaggies”.  I have no idea why suddenly I am having these jaggies in my piccies..I suspect it has something to do with the resolution & the effect of alpha textures in the backdrop. Hmm..not sure…even the ones above needed a little work around the edges with a blur tool which is hugely time-consuming. Am sure there is an easier way of getting rid of jaggies.  I will have to research it (not to mention decipher the “geek speak” in all the tuts…heh.. :)). WOE coming up in next post….

In meantime, this is my current favorite skin at Curio (Yum) . Such soft pretty skin & the face reminds me so much of my half-sister Fifi (whom I haven’t seen in years). It’s coming up to Christmas & I have been thinking how sad it is that we lost touch. I hope she is well & happy in NYC.  Shape is Chloe @ CS ShapesHair in Wooodsmoke is DuraHair Bow is a recent Subscribo Gift from ElateFrozen Eyes are a Gift @ Umedama Holic

Xanthe xoxox


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