Skin Notebook2: Lara Hurley Skin ($10)

Another great find on The With Love Hunt!  This is :Milla Skin: @ Lara Hurley Skin which is also $10 (Hint: Look near Cubes). Comes with hairbase option and the trademark super pouty lips…mwah* :). Incidently I added cleavage layer  from Lara Hurley Skins PLUS a :Metallic Peach Tattoo lippy layer from Dutch Touch (just for fun) but the skin comes with pink lips as seen in the pic below.  :Esther Shape: @ Freebie Fashionistas HQ ($10) :Nettie Hair: is RubisoHo and comes with a color change headband. (LB Win). (Tip: You will find tons of really fun quality hairs on the LB’s & you get a different color each time you win!). The :Cutieh Undies & Bra: @ Luck Inc.  :Tsuya Eyes: @ Umedama Holic.  :Pose: @ Shisei-do($1) (Tip:  tons of poses for $1  packs $10. Look upstairs). .  P.S. I promice to have naughty Xanthe fully dressed next time…she has been a real exhibitionist showing off her pack of undies…they are soo pretty though! Lolz…


4 thoughts on “Skin Notebook2: Lara Hurley Skin ($10)

  1. Ohh love that look Xanthe, but how do you layer lippy and other stuff in Phoenix? I can’t seem to have more than one layer–when I put on make-up layer for example, my eyelash layer disappears! Help! lol

    1. aww sweetie, you can either wear the lippy tattoo layer or eyelash one (not both together sadly). But if you wear lippy you can use prim lashes so you get the benefit of both. Hope that helps. !Imabee skin has a lovely set of eyelashes included in his $10 With Love Hunt..I really liked them. I found them really easy to use and they only include the top layer which I prefer. I only ever pop mascara on my top lashes in rl (possibly cos I am so soppy I cry a lot and hate runny mascara! hehe) Hope tht helps..hugzxx

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