Skin Notebook: Heartsick Skin ($10)

Skin Notebook is going to be the start of a collection of Special Offer Skins that I spot or find along the way in my travels.  This Ayame Illusion Skin is part of a wonderful collection of skins you will find at Heartsick on The With Love Hunt for only $10.  A very striking skin with oriental style tones and features plus various cleavage/freckle  options.  Startlingly pretty skin!  Curvy Shape is Esther @ Freebie Fashionistas HQ ($10).  Cutieh Panties & Bra set @ Luck Inc.  Please see other credits below. 


  • Ayame illusion Skin @ Heartsick (For The Love Hunt $10) Hint: “By the light of the silvery moon
  • Esther Shape @ Freebie fashionistas HQ ($10)
  • “Cutieh” Alizarin Undies & Bra Set @ Luck Inc (New)
  • Hair in Onyx @ D!VA (previous LB Win)
  • Marta Takes a Holiday Bracelet (part of a set) @ Ticky Tacky
  • Poses @ Mana*Na
  • Butterfly Corsage @ Atomic Bambi
  • Noir eyes @ Umedama Holic



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