Super Stylish Jumpsuit-Style Trousers @ Paper.doll (New Gift)

Hmm..well I wished I had looked like this when my ex turned up at my door today unannounced!  Instead I looked my most unglamorous best (something akin to what the cat dragged in)…arrgh!  Men!  They have no comprehension of timing at all!  There is a time to scream and a time to cry.  I cried till he left.  Lolx. 

I have Mahogany to thank for pointing me in the direction of Paper.doll for this wonderful Jumpsuit-style Brown Trousers.  Lovely detail on it.  Isn’t it fabby?  The Lace Corset is a “bra” layer from another outfit..but you can search your invent for a similar “bra” layer and see what suits you best.  Or wear with a jacket layer if you want to look less racy :)). 


  • Emily Brown Trousers in Autumn @ Paper.doll (New Gift)
  • Zoe Lace “bra” layer (part of Corset) @ [eve]
  • Autumn-Ellie Shape @ CS Shapes
  • Chandeleur Bracelets & Earings @ Ticky Tacky
  • Cosmic Eyes @ Poetic Colors (Old gift which is still there)
  • Poses from a selection from Hopscotch &  Mana*na
  • Tess2 Skin in Peach @ Laqroki

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