Exotic Skins @ Not Button* + Fhang Candy*



Striking skins @ Not Button and Fhang Candy!  Just a flavor of some interesting skins that have recently been released.  I have more skins to feature but would probably not do them justice today as super exhausted. However, I will try to incorporate them in the forthcoming posts  if I can. 

Top Pic

Hunt Skin with Eye Heart Tattoo @ Not Button* (Naughty but Nice Hunt) One other skin in pack!

Green Eyes @ ::hsh:: (previous Group Gift)

Michelle Hair @ Mikan

Lingerie Pink Posh (sorry shop now closed)

Hair Corsage @ CS Shapes (Group Gift)

Bottom Pic

Aishwarya Skin @ Fhang Candy (Cupcake Bake Sale – New) 2 other striking skins you might like to try!

Noir Eyes @ Umedama Holic (Gift)

Poses @ Mela

I do apologise for the absence of links (seemingly a WordPress glitch).  But you can IM me in World if you get stuck.


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