::Lucy::Model-Style Shape (New)

Super-Model-Style LUCY* Shape @ CS Shapes for aspiring Models or even seasoned models who want a quality shape with beautiful, sophisticated features. Diversity in modelling is the key.  And I guess LUCY* Shape fits the “classic” look best-she is tall, curvy, with beautiful features & suits the higher end skins. Perfect for castings & the catwalk! Or you may just want a model-style look! She certainly cuts a presence if you want to convey a confident, self-assured look.  Free DEMO available to try her out. 

Oh nearly forgot to say…4 Shapes included in pack! (Including Medium Height & Skirted Versions which will hopefully provide variance for those who want to use LUCY* for more professional purposes). LUCY* comes with the customary STYLING DETAILS etc.  Poses Happy Dispatch

TIP::::You might want to know that the Yukina Hair featured above is only $30! @ Nodoka* Hair. Tons of hairs at very modest prices! Corrected.  So Sorry!


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