New super-pouty Tara Shape*

Hello!  Nice to be back. I took a wincy sabbatical from blogging etc & created this pretty, English style Tara* Shape to mark my return (just in time for Bonfire weekend!). Down with Guy Fawkes! heh :).  Hopefully Tara* will also set some sparks flying too! I have been using Tess2 Skin @ Laqroki since its’ first release & Tara shape was created specifically for this skin. However, I have tested Tara* on tons of other skins and she is super versatile in terms of suitability with a range of other types of skins.  Try her out with Pink Fuel, League, Leafy & Curio.  A great shape if you want to look simultaneously innocent & just a little wicked too!  Very pretty features with the customary cute curves.  Styling details included in pack.  The impossibly pouty face in close up below. 

Tara* Shape @ CS Shapes. Lingerie is Whippet & Buck.  Hat @ RuRu@Pino.  Beaded Tosca Earrings @ Eclectica. Eyes Umedama Holic. All Poses @ Happy Dispatch.


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