*eF* Glossy Beautiful Wings*

I almost entitled this post “trapped” but decided to focus on a more positive note….and these stunning Red Wings @ *eF* remind me soo much of my earlier obsessions with them as a newbie!..Then I just loved wearing them, especially when riding horses down SL Hyde Park.  They reminded me how fantastical SL is especially if you enjoy all things creative, fun & imaginative.  These are glossy, flexi & just gorgeous and have infinite possibilities in terms of photo opportunities :p.  Let your imagination soar! Am sure I will post these again.  Love them!

I won these Red Wings on a lucky Board @ *eF*(Elderflower SIM)  but you can buy them in either White or Black. See the credits below if you wanted to get a copy. 


Red Wings @ *eF* (Lucky Board Win) You can also buy in Black or White!

Chloe shape @ CS Shapes

Tess2 Skin @ Laqroki

Black Body Suit @ *Coco* (Group Gift)

“Me Caught in A Trap” Spider Web Prop @  Slash me Poses (modified a little.  I changed the texture to red metal & added shine)

Unisex Hair @ Mischief Boy (Now DURA*)

Top Standing pose @ !Bang

Bottom Pose @ Agapee



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