Miel’s terrific Pumpkin Raider Dress*

I thought it was time for a bit of colorrrrrrrr after all the black and brownie hues..plus there is pumpkin love which needs a tiny celebration….which reminds me I need to make Pumpkin Pie!  Anyway, this has to be one of my favorite Halloween Gifts so far, the Pumpkin Raider Dress (Gift) @ Miel.  Check out that detail!  Oh and the pumpkins are animated which made me giggle.  They are soo cute and cheered up a dull, miserable, rainy day in England.  Ty Miel!

Man, these pumpkins weigh a ton!

The animated pumpkins..awww…:)


Pumpkin Raider Dress @ Miel (Subscribo Gift)

Fur Boors @ !KiiToS!! (Tea Hunt Gift)

Erotica Hair in Blonde @ Shag (heavily edited)

Ember Skin @ PF

Chloe Shape @ CS Shapes

Poses @ Agapee (Group Gift)



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