Pretty Vampess Skins @ Heaven’s Gate

Yes, I know..the pic is at an odd of those SL Glitch Bugs* but I ran with it and sort of liked the effect.. Funny thing  bugs*…you never quite know when one will turn up. This one had a funny effect on my animations & poses which meant walking was at a 180 degree angle, with neck twisted & legs a-kimbo (!). 😀

Anyway, Vamp Skins….hmmm…in truth I have kind of missed out of many of the ones released during this Horrorfest season!  But I found this stunningly pretty Giftie Vamp Skins @ Heaven’s Gate which come in a selection of 3, one of which is a gentle, pretty Goth Style skin and the other more “severe” , resembling an infestation of Victorian Plague* on the face. :).  All in good fun. The goth one is soo pretty I am sure you will find plenty of uses for it beyond Halloweenfest season! See pics below.  Incidentally, this generous creator has TONS of gifts..including male & female for “beginners” (i.e. newbies).  They are good quality skins which far exceed expectations. Really lovely skins.  Please tip the creator if you can. She is literally giving most of her creations away for free!  


Yukino Vamp Skins @ Heaven’s Gate (Gifts..and you will find many more besides!) Ty Heaven!

Chloe Shape @ CS Shapes

Hair 43A in Soil @ Roge

Frozen Eyes @ Umedama Holic (Gift)

Megawing Black Eyeliner @ L.Fauna

Black Lace Dress with Hair Bow @ RuRu@ Pino (Lucky Board Win)

Poses @  Boutique Giada (Opening Gift) Ty Mahogany for tip!

Have a lovely Halloween folks!

Xanthe xoxox


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