RuRu Romance*

Should you find yourself longing to look girly, pretty and demure as an English Rose, head to RuRu@Pino where you will find a delicious choice of pretty, romantic, at times gothy, & just totally irresistable looking clothes!  I had a hard time choosing….I loved them all!  

Rikoyan Destiny of RuRu@Pino  is an exceptional creator.  But she does more than create pretty dresses & accessories.  She adds that little something extra, romance & dreams maybe…combined with lots of creativity..anyway if you are a fan of Japanese design, you will love RuR@Pino. Plus her shop is just gorgeous!  She has got it sooo right…Oh btw, I won this pretty RuRu@Tear Maze Dress on a Lucky Board (see if you can get the black too!).  Lots of wonderful lucky Boards and ingenious Camps plus a Group Gift…and gatcha. Anyway lots to keep you shopping & happy. I will hopefully bring some more RuRu romance very soon. 🙂

Whoops…when is the baby due? 


RuRu@Tear Maze Dress @ RuRu@ Pino ( ) (Lucky Board Win) Also in Black.

Somebody’s Baby Hair @ Shag

Chloe Shape @ CS Shapes

Ember Honey Spring Baby Skin @ Pink Fuel

Pink Lipstick in 3 @ L.Fauna

Poses @ HappyDispatch




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