Rotten Toe* & Auntie’s pink Bloomers

Yes,’s prettier than it sounds!  This look was actually inspired by my painful stubbed toe the pain of which was indescribable (I swore like a fishwife (!!!) ).  The pain was made even more acute by the cold..arghh.. sniff*. The only good thing was that it reminded me to take a peek at [Rotten Toe*] .  I love her clothes, which are quirky & pretty & totally unique! 

Maisie also found the fabby Witch’s Hat at [Lika  Ruby] which I thought looked cute matched with the Old Rose Bloomers Set from [Rotten Toe] (!).  And The pretty skin is L*Miso Natural @ [Leafy] which I matched with a pink Lipstick Layer from [L.Fauna].   Funny how these make-up layers can revive old favorites.  Hmmm…perhaps you will be seeing more of the previously neglected skins emerging from the dark recesses of my Inventory having been given a new lease of life with the current pretty tattoo make-up layers!  Fab isn’t it?

Cripes.  I have just been hit by a huge wave of tiredness but  I shall do my best to recall all the credits! :))

TIP: KDC Mall have a Halloween Event. Check out the special offers & LB’s in the designated Halloween Huts at the centre of the mall.  Really cute stuff. 


Dusky Pink Bloomers @ Rotten Toe

Halloween Hat @ Lika Ruby (Group Gift @ KDC Mall)

L*Miso Skin @ Leafy

Bronwyn Shape @ CS Shapes

Pink Lipstick Layer (3) @ L.Fauna

Eyes @ Umedema Holic (Gift)

Hair @ D!VA (Lucky Board @ KDC Mall) 

Flats @ tram (Gift)

Poses @ Poseur

Pic taken at Rotten Toe.


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