The cutest winter woollies…

Well, I am sitting here huddled up with my blankie  sensing the cool Siberian currents heading our way and so I thought I would post something suitably warm & cosy. This cosy Knitted Sweater & Leggings are new from [SE* Designz] & both come in a variety of coordinating warm wintry shades. I am featuring Brown.  I was also totally charmed by this cute Woolly Hatted Hair (check out the fabby detailing)…a special treat for Xanthe who spent an inordinate amount of time fighting lag & being mostly “frozen”  like a statue. Short of walking around with metal skin &  frightening noobies &  child avis, I decided a tiny treat was in order for the reluctant little lag manniquin. 

One of the other things I am  loving at the moment is 2.0 make-up layers.  Where have you been all my SL life?!  One of the best things I love about it is that you add a new dimention to your favorite this case I added a slash of crimson color in the form of a lipstick to Xanthe’s  Tess skin.  As with skins, I am hugely fussy about make-up layers but there are certainly a number of skin creators now adding make-up options to their collections.  So worth experimenting.  Most provide demos so you can test them out to see which suits your particular skin. Its fun seeing skin change character just by adding either a new eye-shadow or lipstick tattoo layer.   


From top:  Hatted Hair @ Cri-Cri; Frozen Eyes @  Umedema Holic; Tess2 Skin @ Laqroki, Lipstick @ L FaunaBronwyn shape @ CS Shapes, Brown Knitted Shirt & Leggings @ [SE* Designz] (New), Slip on Boots +KiiTos!!+ (Gift on Hateween Hunt).  Poses @ Kyoot (Free).  Pic taken outside Mandala shop.


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