Cute Messina Bath @ Maven Homes ($60 Special)

Now for something warm & soothing after all that witching and horrorfesting. Blisss…this wonderful multi-pose animated Messina Bath @ Maven Homes & Decor (single girl/boy/couple pose) is just what one needs after a days’ hunting & witching.  It is on the 60L Weekend Special.  I love it!  It appeals to my english tastes very much as I have always loved roll-top Victorian baths.  However, the bath suits a modern setting too, much like the  backdrop you see above.  It is on limited offer for this weekend only so do scoop it up if you like it or need a bath. Comes with running on/off tap too and you can share a bath with your beloved while you chat!  I tried to maintain Xanthe’s modesty a little hence the Pasties which are free at Berries IncSkin is Tess2 @ Laq.  Bronwyn Shape @ CS Shapes.  Necklace & Hair (see previous post).


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