Accidental purchase, happily

I found myself in one of those situations, distracted by one thing or another & although I can multi-task like the best of them, I clicked “buy” by mistake, cringed inwardly, resigned myself to the fact that it was one of those things, only to look around and see it on the MM Board!  Whoops! Happily, this Gold Sprite Dress @ Wishbox is actually quite cute.  So I decided to make good my accidental purchase..and if you like it you can try your luck on the MM Board or like me, buy it and enjoy it :). 


Sprite Dress in Gold @ Wishbox (MM Board or available to Buy)

Leah Skin @ Lara Hurley Skins

Bronwyn Shape @ CS Shapes

Eyes @ :hsh: (former Group Gift)

Erotica Blonde Hair @ Shag

Moss Green Sinari Necklace @ Mandala

Far Boots @ Miel

All poses @ Everglow


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