Yes, Beer + Eggs are good for Hair! (New)

Yup, the old wives tale is true.  Beer + Eggs are good for Hair!  Such an ingenious name for a brand of hair..fab isn’t it ?  Shop is new I you will only find a couple of styles, another of which I shall blog another time.  The hair is Mod + Tintable but do remember to take a copy in case it all goes pear shaped! I added a resizer script to it so it was easier to modify.

Aww..and this is what the creator, Apple Edenflower has written in her profile:

I like beer (sometimes).
I like eggs (scrambled).
I like cute hairstyles (always).

I build hair for fun, mostly!” ….Soo cute..god love her..giggles*.  Apples also likes apples and tangerines too! I sense a theme going on…:)

Hmm..eyes below are a bit spooky aren’t they!  


Jane Hair in Golden @ Beer + Eggs (New)

Piercings @ Mandala

Tess2 Skin @ Laqroki

Bronwyn Shape @ CS Shapes

Halloween Moon Eyes @ Umedama Holic

(S&S) Military Dress @ Amerie

All poses @ Everglow Poses

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