Being Cutesy*

As usual Xanthe landed in an unexpected place (usually falling from the sky at speed because a shop has recently moved location or no longer exists).  Her AO makes the landing a rather undignified affair with legs splayed & arms flaying about like a silly thing from which she emerges brushing herself down casually (in case anyone watching), trying to look nonplussed which always makes me giggle.  However, this time she landed on a cute Japanese Pose shop , *Mana-na* with a mere handful of Poses from $13-$20 each!  All very cute poses which suited this cute look.  The outfit is a combination of a pretty Khaki Skirt from {SMS} (FLF) and a Sheer Black Top from AMD .  I have blogged this top before but used it again as it went really well with this skirt! :)).  Yup, sexy looks were off the menu today cos today Xanthers is doing “cutesy” :). 

You might also like to try the Shape worn in this post (Blaise* Shape @ CS Shapes (Gift) created for the Addicted to Halloween Hunt, starts 15th Oct). Blaise Shape* has been tested on lots of  skins & will hopefully be adaptable, whichever skin you use. The Regina II in Champagne Hair is from  Hair Solutions ..(man I love Kia’s hairs.  The textures are extremely good & styles very easy to wear). Boots are MielSkin Tess2 @ Laqroki.  Eyes at Poetic ColorsAutumn Leggings @ Adam & Eve ($10). You can get the Blaise shape below at CS Shapes.  Hint is “Cache me if you can :P” .  Happy Hunting!  Hint Giver is available in the store  if you get stuck.       

Gosh.  Time for Chocolate pud I think 🙂


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