Fabulous *Fusion* Jewellery (also @ “JF 2010*)

This gorgeous Onyx Pendant Necklace set by FUSION is a little flavor of what what the jewellery creator, adria Joubert designs (ty adria!).  Check out her fabby shop! You will also find her designs at the Beauty &  Beast Jewellery Fair 2010. I confess a very clever Japanese sculpt maker (whispers..Yabusaka..) recommended I take a look at her creations & they are stunning!   I chose this chunky set from the review pack I received to contrast the soft jacketed look above. But you will also find some super intricate & complex designs if you prefer something more delicate. I will try to include more sets by FUSION into subsequent posts.   In addition, there is a special JF 2010 Donation, part of the proceeds of which have been especially reserved for good causes (ie Oxfam). Incidently, the Fur Jacket is from [AWRUM VII] (a lucky board win!  Ty M!  There are some wonderful affordable designs at this store).



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