New Bronwyn Shape*

Great shape if you want to look young, pretty and yet supremely sophisticated.  This is Bronwyn Shape @ CS Shapes and the look typifies how I like my avis to look in world.  Natural, curvy and versatile in terms of suitability with a range of high end skins, the quality of which is becoming sooo sophisticated these days! As for shapes, well… the diversity in SL is fantastic. The  possibilities for creating different looks is endless and a real source of fascination for me as I have always had a thing about faces :).  The next step is skin design which is tough but I am working on it.  It is always fun to experiment with shapes & skins though a matter of personal taste what shape/skin combo you prefer. I use tons!  But if you like soft features, curves and a girly frame then you might like BronwynSTYLING details included if you want to achieve this exact look.

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