Rotten Defiance does you good :P

This is what the Grim Reaper brought in for Xanthe and suited my mood perfectly. Rotten. :P.  The Gretal Dress  @  Rotten Defiance  is just one of the many wonderful darkly themed goodies you will find on the Grimm Halloween Hunt.  Starts here.  I also received a Group Gift from Pididdle  ($150 Group Join) and decided to include it too. You will get the white  “Murder in the Garden” Dress (see below) plus a Denim Dress (not shown). Incidently, the capped Anabelle Hair from Hair Solutions  has been modified.  I used a couple of leather textures from my invent & added a little shine to get the 2 looks that you see.    


Top Pic:

Bottom Pics:

  • ~:Lilian Murder in the Garden Dress:~ @ Pididdle (Group Gift $150 Join)
  • ~:Boots:~ @ Miel
  • ~:Hair:~(See link above)

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