Annie’s Smoothglow Eyes Have it :p + Ronsem Hair has it too!

I think I finally get prim eyes…once you edit them into place (and this is easy…all I had to do was position them up & in a little), they looked great!  These Smoothglow Ibanez Eyes by Annie Ibanez have a limpid lucidity which makes them soft and realistic looking.  I love the Smoothglow eyes especially which I received as a full pack. Ty Annie!  They come in such a variety of soft earthy colors with wonderful sexy names like “Palm Frond” (below)  and “Gold Nugget” (bottom pic).  I had a hard job deciding which to use but using the 2 previously mentioned ones in this particular post but lots of other super options in the pack.  

Dress is *League* “Native” (Project Themeory Event).  See links below.


~: Smoothglow Eyes:~ @ Ibanez Eyes  (New!)

~:Mai Hair:~ @ Ronsem (Giftie) Super cute hair.  Love this shop.  Check it out!

~:Autumn-Ellie Shape (top pic) & Chloe Shape (bottom pic) :~@ CS Shapes

~Tess2Skin in Peach @ Laqroki

~:Native Dress & matching Necklace @ League (Project Themeory)

~:Backdrop Textures @  [K.O] Textures (ty Khan!)


 More about eyes from Elfie’s Eye blog here:


2 thoughts on “Annie’s Smoothglow Eyes Have it :p + Ronsem Hair has it too!

  1. omg I love this look Xanthe! Actually I love all your looks, they always look so sensual yet innocent! And I never heard of Ronsem! I gotta check out these stores you recommended here:-)) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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