~:Madi’s Secret Lingerie:~

The Swedish creator of Madi’s Secrets Lingerie  has for some time created all manner of understated glamour in her lingerie collections and her shop on the Glance SIM has grown! Her designs, like the ~:Corset Set in Coffee Brocade:~ (above & below) are super quality and will see you through your seductive moments this winter. Blisss….Xanthe happily prances about in lingerie ALL the time!  Seems I am super shy in rl but a lingerie exhibitionist in SL! 😛   Madi’s Secrets Lingerie has a new collection out with more designs being added so do take a look around.  Really gorgeous designs.  I have used the super curvy  ~:Autumn-Ellie Shape:~ @ CS Shapes (New). ~:Skin is Tess2 in Peach:~ @ Laqroki.   ~:Hair:~ @ Boon.  That amazing chocolatey backdrop texture is by Khan Omizu @ [K.O] Textures. Naughty back view below: 


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