Rasberry Aristocrat & Fore + Gift finds

This beautiful Bronze Lau Dress which comes complete with leggings is one of the many gorgeous designs you will find at Fore.  I confess I could have bought the contents of the entire store such was my enthusiasm for the designs but restricted myself to this one item which I know will be worn by Xanthe lots!  The quality is super, lots of movement & sheen in the textures.  Yummy :).  The Jess Hair is free @ Rasberry Aristocrat @ Rue DAntibes (Red Seal Hunt).  Find all the links below.  The hair pack includes several shades including blonde.  Lovely Hunt btw. I must do more of it :).

Finally, the Fore Group Gift.  Gorgeous Red Tunic Dress which comes with a little black mouth chobi black dot (see below).  There are several Group Gifts dotted around this gorgeous SIM so do have a little explore.


~Lau Bronze Dress with Lace Leggings @ Fore

~Jess Hair @ Rasberry Aristocrat (Red Seal Hunt Giftie) Here is Starting Location.

~Skin Tess2 @ Laq

~Shape @ CS Shapes

~Necklace @ n-creation (MHO4 Hunt) Lurrve this store!

Shoes @ Maitreya

Red Tunic @ Fore (Group Gift – ty Elfie for tip!)

Top pics taken on the Glam Affair Sim.


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