Courveture Opening Giftie @ SLOW

Adorable Green Dress which is opening Gift by Courveture @ SLOW.  This sweet & talented Japanese designer has a gorgeous shop with all manner of things pretty!  Worth a good look around certainly. This brand has been a favorite of Maisie’s & mine for her floating summery dresses.  Thank you so much to Mahogany Y for this tip! 

Pictures taken on the “hop” at the Hide & Seek SIM which I love.  


~Green Dress @ Courveture @SLOW (Opening Giftie)

~Reese Hair in Java @ Truth

~Skin Tess2 in Peach @ Laq

~Shape is Autumn-Ellie @ CS Shapes (Coming soon) 

~Leather Boots @ Clematis

~Horned Piercings @ CS Shapes  (Guys Gift on MHO4 Hunt and adjusted for this shape)

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