MHO4 Gifts* (Yes, Real Men wear pink :p)

Finally, SL Renaissance Man has arrived!  Comfortable with his own masculinity, this guy  exudes intelligence & confidence.  And wears pink (!) :).  Easy to get this look with a few MHO4 Gifts plus a few other finds… see below:

The devil-may-care European style casual Jumper/Sculpted Pants worn above is the MHO4 Gift @ 22769 Casual Couture  (Ty Paco!).  This look is possibly the antithesis of all things musclebound & well oiled but I love it.  It is a very stylish, sexy look &  might be fun to try out for a dash of the irrepressible Hugh Grant appeal :). MHO4  Greg Shape & Piercings @ CS Shapes. Brown Hair @ Dura.  Skin Emmett @ LaqMOD version of Greg shape* available to buy.  Barely Sneakers @ HOC Industries.  Eyes ::hsh:: (Group Gift). Worn Below is the  Tribal Tank Top @ Gabriel (Group Gift).  Close up of shape below:

Have fun with Hunt.  The gifts I have seen so far in the blogs are pretty awesome!  Ty to Samara & Eros for organising this great Hunt.


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