New & On-trend Trend @ Paradisis

This gorgeous collection of super cosy Knitted Dresses is just on trend for this season, hand-drawn design at its best.  Dress them up with stillettos or dress them down with casual boots etc, either way they will see you through those emergency “what to wear” moments especially when it’s brrr*…chilly outside & you want your to dress up your lovely SL dolly to look sexy &  super sophisticated. :).  Great subtle shades. 

Here is how to get this look:

~Knitted Dresses in Camel,Fern & Gold & Black @ Paradisis (New! )

~Brown Pack Hair @ Bijou (love this shop. I have been drooling over this label since Maisie introduced me to it months ago. The creator is a real genius :)).   

~Tess2 Skin in Peach @ Laq

~Curvy Arabella Shape @ CS Shapes

~Fandangle Necklace @ DECO

~Red Carpet Poses @ Miyoko Magic (New! )

~Leather Tube Bangles @ Yabusaka

I made some piercings yesturday for the MHO4 using YABUSAKA’s sculpted nano prims.  Wow..they are just fabby to use.  Love them all.  Irridescent, super sheeny prims & fully modifiable.  You will see the piercings in next post 😉


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