Stunning Silky (Baroque) Corset Tops

SYSY Chapman has created something rather special in these beautiful Baroque Corset Tops which come in array of delicious bronzed, violets, pink colors etc (hard to choose so get them all girls :)).  I am already dreaming of that holiday in the Maldives.  Sigh*.  Stunning colors…who says the autumn season is dull?!  I especially love the warm, burnt, bronzed sexy tones you see around this time of year.  Yummmeee!  Check out a few of the other colors on offer from SYSY plus other credits below: 

Incidentally, I rather like the new hairs from Simply Britnee (all 3 featured in this post).  Cute hairs.  Also many thanks to the lovely Clementine of Awesome Blossom for the ingenious “Fallen Autumn Leaves” Giftie which I used as a backdrop (Subscribo gift).  Tons of leaf themes included to match your individual taste. Simple but very fetching :).   And only 1 prim! Plus you can rezz either on the floor or wall.  Skin is Tess2 @ Laq Curvy Arabella Shape @ CS Shapes.   Leather Tube Bangles @ YabusakaJeans previous Hunt item @ DeetalezPoses Everglow

Have a great weekend all!  I have to create something for the MHO Hunt 4 (by tom!  Arrggg).  I am squatting in Maisie’s skybox atm.  She arrived to find tons of gigantic nano prims scattered around the place while I work out what to do with them…poor girl…she tolerates my little hobbies with stoical patience and is always encouraging & patient…lolz. 🙂  Mad.  Hugz,  Xanthe xx


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