~:Prelude Foyer:~ Group Gifties

I have taken a little break from hunting as plagued by lag.  So I thought I would post an easy find instead, like the current ::Prelude Foyer Group Gifts::The 3 designers on the SIM have contributed 3 gifts to  Prelude Foyer & have been busy re-designing the SIM into something a little more intimate.  Gone are all the  modern builds which have now been replaced with cute little shabby chic-style houses set in countryside surrounds..and the love of horses is a recurrent theme!  The Group Gifts ….($150 join fee) but you get 3 fabby gifts! (each located in one of the three  shops, Prelude, Clanierie Boutique, & Freckles Designs so go to each shop to collect the gift (s)).  Find the flushed girly Lou Skin above (created by Freckles Designs), the Lingerie Bikini by Prelude plus a pretty Petite Mint Dress by Clairiere Boutique (see below).  The skin itself is soft & feminine & comes in several subtle tones with or without frecs (I have featured Tan*). Shape is Chloe @ CS Shapes.  Sydney Hair in Blonde is Hair Solutions.  (Cleavage enhancer added to skin btw..). All poses new @ the revamped Posies.

I was a little bored earlier & so went along to the Hide & Seek SIM which opened recently where I snapped the pics below (just for a change of scenery from my 2 plank platform :P). The Mint Petite Dress @ ::Prelude:: is very wearable (see below).  I have matched it with a battered oversized old pair of Leather Boots from ::Clematis:: (ty Elfie!) and Bangles from :: Ticky Tacky:: (drat..they didn’t rezz properly!  They are gorgeous tho!).  Hair below is ::Exile:: @ HF 2010End of Summer Eyes Opening Gift @ ::Umedama Holi::. Isn’t the cow just gorgeous?!  Find her looking serene on ::Hide & Seek:: SIM.  I love cows…especially doe-eyed Jersey Cows like this one below (shh*..we won’t mention my love of steak too..giggles*). 

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