All Bang-ed up* no less…

This outfit is a bit of a mix but I especially loved the warm, golden, autumnal tones.  We have hit the yucky, dull, grey, wet  weather phase in Southern England & I guess this outfit reminds me of what I would probably wear on a jaunt out to my local Starbuck’s on a blustery day for a warming mug of hot chocolate &  muffin.  The theme of *Bang* lies in the pants & poses (see credits below).  I really am not bright enough to think of an ingenious title though I suppose there is some semblance of truth in it ;). And I have been  meaning to use these !Bang Poses for some time so here are a few more piccies to illustrate a few.

Time for a quick smoke….naughty

Best get up off my b*tt I guess…yawn*

To get this look:

::Tasha Hair:: (::Iren::) @ Hair Fair 2010 (fab driven interchangeable Cap/Hair colors)

::Cary Sweater:: In Earth @ WOE

::Tweed-y Delightz Pantz:: in  Autumn +  Handbag @ Bang Bang

::Curvy Mahogany Shape:: @ CS Shapes

::Tess2 Skin:: @ Laq

::Noir Eyes:: @ Umedama Holic

::Glasses:: @ Bubblez (Group Gift)

::Brown Flats:: @ TY Zvezda

::Standing Poses:: @ !Bang  

Whoops!  Nearly fogot..::Nuclear Cupcake Necklace:: is HOD.  (Ooh & note to self*- I must visit that store pronto & get the Twisted Hunt piercing! ).

Xanthe x


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