Splash on a :Gryphon Wings: Seafoam Bikini*…

…what a gorgeous Seafoam  Bikini from Gryphon Wings Designs! (Steal & Deal affair)..  Pop on this super girly Dernier Cri Hair (which you will find at Hair Fair 2010).  Wear the Laq Skin (Tess in Peach) on the tall, lithe Tallulah Shape (improved – find it @ Curv Silhouettes Shapes). Finally…click on the Cosmic Dream Eyes Poetic Colors & toss on the Unlimited Color Necklace is Yabusaka  (one of the most versatile necklaces..you can change color to whatever you like so it lends itself to a variety of  differing looks with ease. I wear it lots!). Then strike a Pose from Everglow. Est voila!  You end up with this fabby look!  Short postie as I am super tired.  Till next time…..Hugz, Xanthe xx


2 thoughts on “Splash on a :Gryphon Wings: Seafoam Bikini*…

  1. Love it!(And congrats!!) Really enjoying your shapes too, its the proper proportions I like..too many big boobed no hipped female avis in SL. Off to the Hair Fair now.

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