Made in Kyoot

Kyoot is a brand that you know you will get a cute little outfit made with care when it pops up on Fifty Linden Friday.   And this is the current week’s offer (which you can see in full below). It is refreshingly contradictory in that it combines the micro pants with a gorgeously soft woolly cowled neck.  Instant  fashionising :).  Please note that the outfit does not include the tank which is part of another outfit and intended to preserve  Xanthe’s modestly (and failed miserably as you can see..whoops!) ;).  Anyway, I added the Mandala Piercings which add a fun edge and come slightly illuminated (no-one was around to share the glow sadly). I do love them and am a huge fan of Mandala’s work. 

To get the look: 

Tess2 Skin in Peach @ Laq

Arabella Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes

“Baby Gold” Hair @ “Hair Shop Nodoka” @  (50L Special @ Hair Fair)

Facial Piercings @ Mandala

Warm Neck Wrap & Micro Pant Set @ Kyoot (Fifty Linden Friday)

Nude Wedges @ Kookie

Bangles @ Ticky Tacky

Geek Poses @ Don’s Freak Out!

Pic taken in Olive Juice.


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