A Desirable Attribute..

..to have in SL is to be respectful & kind. Simple.  Anyway, this Black Cabaret Lingerie Set is part of *RD*‘s latest release..comes complete with showgirl style jacket etc (not shown).  I concentrated on the lingerie as that is what I love the most.  Cant seem to get enough of it.  :). And the ciggie included in the outfit was especially cute. As for the *The Stringer Mausoleum* Shroom Hair..well…isnt it wild? 🙂  One of the free gifts at the Hair Fair 2010.


To get this look:

Black Cabaret Lingerie & Poses @  [ *RD* _New!)

Schroom Hair in Chocolate @ [ Hair Fair 2010_Free!]

Necklace @[ Deco]

Tess Skin in Peach @ [ Laq_New! ]

Arabella Shape [ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes ]


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