A milestone..red alert!

Well, yesterday my blog reached that little milestone…it was a year old!  The day passed without any pomp or ceremony as I being a scatterbrain, I completely forgot!  Anyway, what a year!  Have learnt so much, mainly doing my own thing & chattering about silly stuff (usually to stave off the monotony of managing the less exciting aspects of blogging…ie “adding links & categories”) . Omg, I hope one day I can work out an easier way of doing this, short of going potty that is :). 

Special thankies to my gorgeous, lovely friends for their support, curious readers (including those searchers who inadvertently arrive on my blog looking for “ripped faces” & “good girls dressed trashy” & probably think “wtf is this?” LOLZ!  And of course my favorite feeds, iheartslbloggers, Shopaholic, Chic Critique, Glance, Metaversal US, & Virtual Fashion Feed and all the other feeds, I really couldn’t have done it withoutchya all! And finally a huge big gracious thankies to all the generous SL creators & designers.   Thank you all so very much! 🙂

I started off my time in SL with red hair so I thought I would pop on a Cherry Coloured mop from Dura.  I love pigtails in rl and thought this hair is super cute!  Tunisa Dress is new @ LP Designs*. Tess Skin in Peach @ Laq (also new).   Shape Arabella @ Curvy Silhouettes ShapesBlack Leather Bracelets from the lovely YABUSAKA. Back view & face shot below. All poses Everglow. Cosmic Eyes Poetic Colors.


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