:Not Buttons: New Antayla Skin* (Group Gift!)

This is Not Buttons new Exclusive Group Gift (Antalya Skin)..check out those golden tones & smudgy eyes!  Smokin’!.  A skin which is designed for seduction I think…lovely gift, ty Not!   :P.  This is another creator whose skins are evolving into a unique style. Sterling work!

The hair is my current favorite from KMH in SunnyBlonde.  Shape is Arabella @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes. Elderflower Eyes Umedama Holic. Unamed Dress is the opening Subscribo Gift @ Lil’lace.  Poses Everglow. This is a quickie post btw. I had promised myself an early night as I have an exam tomorrow (cue the last minute cramming today  lolz).   Hope these pics are ok. My lappie is throwing a few tantrums at the moment so had to reinstall the viewer and subsequently lost all my preset windlight settings.   


2 thoughts on “:Not Buttons: New Antayla Skin* (Group Gift!)

    1. Oh hey Lisa..its the Not Buttons skin called Antalya…she has been around awhile though..I am sure you will find her skins in your invent. I love the face on this a lot. Anyway, go get and have a play :)) xx

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