Dare to be different…

This is for you Khan.   A look which was inspired by your “Shipping Crate Textures” . (see below).  Xanthe came out her shell and popped on a  slightly risqué outfit and poured  herself in one of your crates.  Expected date of  arrival @ [K.O] Texture House  is 5 seconds (depending on lag and the number of scripted adornments worn ;)).  Fantastic textures which are only $50 for the weekend.

To get this look you will need:

~Hair Solutions Anabelle Nutmeg Hair @ Hair Fair 2010 (New!)

~Arabella Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes

~Elena Skin @ Laq

~Waterfall Dress in Leather @ HoT Mood (New! & lots of color options!)

~Yabusaka Unlimited Color Necklace (New!) @ YABUSAKA (Color Change HUD control..unlimited colors) 

~Stockings & Garter part of  Corset set @ Glam Affair (previous Zombie Popcorn Hunt item)

~Backdrop Shipping Crate Textures @ [K.O] Texture House ($50 for the weekend only-see below)

~Top Pose !Bang

~Bottom Pose Everglow


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