New L.Fauna Lola* skin (check out this Aristo* look)

This Lola Skin in Pale 2 {Aile} @ L.Fauna Skins is true, blue-blood aristocratic looking skin…super quality, and a beautiful skin that comes in some stunning make-up shades two of which I was very lucky to get (Burst & Aile in Pale 2) .  Yummy! Thank you Launa!  I loved Lola*in pale which made a lovely contrast to those plummy, smoky eye shades and glossy grape lips but you have the option of the glossy dark tans which are a recognisable feature of this label. As you would expect from high quality skins, it suited a lot shapes, including the Arabella Shape from Curvy Silhouettes Shapes. To complete the Aristo* look I used the Mei Ying Hair @ Hair Solutions.  Cosmic Dream Eyes are Poetic Colors. The pretty Blue Lace Cami Dress is Hal* Hina @ Petit Pas Mall  (Lucky Board Win!).  Xanthe braved the “avi scrum” & lag & ending up winning tons of stuff (except the gorgeous square  G*Field Wedge Shoes which proved verrry elusive giggles*.  I didn’t get them. Sniff*  ).  Anyway see the pretty The Lola* in {Burst} below, plus a longitudinal view of the Blue Hal*Hina Dress. All poses EverglowLashes *Bykay*



2 thoughts on “New L.Fauna Lola* skin (check out this Aristo* look)

  1. i think g*field is one of my all-time favourite stores for, well, everything, really. the quality is always way beyond the price you pay.

    and L Fauna skins? mmmmm.

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